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In my over 15 years as a driven business owner, I have experienced incredible success. I also experienced burnout physically, emotionally and mentally along the way – several times. 

From numbness and tingling in my fingers to panic attacks to terrible eczema on my face…these experiences had me feeling terrible and low. I struggled to keep up with my own health and fitness goals. I felt defeated by self doubt and overwhelm. 

I know I’m not alone…plenty of women are trying to balance business ownership, family & social lives and trying to be & feel healthy. It seems like one area always takes a backseat.

All of my experiences taught me so much. What I want you to know is:

1. You don’t have to sacrifice your health and well-being to build a wildly successful business that you love. You get to have it all.

2. Self care does not have to be complicated or take a ton of time. 

When you take care of you, your light and passion shine bright into the world around you affecting every area of your life. Your impact expands into your family, relationships, career and community.

I don’t want your cup to just be full. I want to see it overflowing!

We don’t just talk about exercise and nutrition here. We talk about boundaries, nervous system regulation and energetics, too. Because it’s not just about what you’re DOING, it’s also about your state of BEING. 

When I put the pieces together, my inner strength grew to match the physical strength I built in the gym. 

I released the guilt of saying “no” and setting boundaries watching my confidence and energy for my work grow. I’m no longer stuck in the all or nothing cycles blaming stress and work. 

I opened up to new ways of practicing self care and deepened my connection to myself and my body. I’m no longer ignoring the signals of pain, exhaustion and misalignment.

I stopped giving my excuses power and began to take step after step towards the life, body and business I desire. 

Let’s break some of the ol’ health rules and create self care routines you’ll actually want to stick so you can feel damn good body, mind and heart. 

But wait, there's more...

Abby has been a licensed esthetician and certified eyelash extension artist since 2008. From 2015-2017, she was a trainer for an international lash brand helping other women learn the skills of lash extension application. Her favorite thing about that time was empowering women with a new skill to gain clientele & make money plus all of the incredible connections she made in the beauty industry. She has built successful lash studios several times as she has moved from Missouri to Nashville and back to Missouri.

In 2017, during a time of deep reflection, she decided to pursue a Personal Trainer certification. She gained her certification in 2018 and had fun building a small in person clientele. She loves seeing women gain confidence and experience the power of weight lifting. Realizing the power of mobility and specifically how training strength in mobility improved tightness in her shoulders, hips and low back, Abby gained her FRC certification. Functional Range Conditioning helps to improve how your body feels and functions from everyday life to lifting in the gym. It is an invaluable tool in her own self care toolbox. 

She continued to expand her education in the health & fitness industry by completing a Nutrition Coaching certification as well as Neurotyping for Nutrition & Training Certification from NCI and Peak Optimization Performance respectively. After 2020, she switched to online coaching to be able to help more women while building a business that allows more freedom in schedule and location.

Since 2020, Abby has had the honor of hosting a mobility and self care class at The LashConference. The LashConference is one of the biggest business oriented conferences for lash extension artists to connect, learn and grow. 

Abby is also the host of the Beauty Pro Wellness Podcast. The podcast mixes wellness with personal development tips and inspo specifically for beauty industry professionals. With burnout and health issues on the rise amongst my beauty pro’s friends, I know we need a space to come together to learn, support each other and get the push you need to take care of your health.

Together we’ll dive into topics like mobility training for a less achey body, managing stress in the chaos of running a business and handling clients, setting up your self care routines and so much more! You deserve to feel as good as your clients when they leave you. Let’s make time for you…starting with this podcast. 

Tune into the podcast here or on your favorite listening platform.

In 2023, Abby and her sister, Cassy, founded Wonder Podcast Productions, a podcast management agency to help ambitious business owners grow their business through podcasting. Visit the website to see podcast launch packages:

Abby lives in Springfield, Missouri with her cat, Eva. You can often find her in any coffee shop with a vibe or enjoying a long afternoon walk. She loves podcasts, music and getting brunch with friends. 

“My mission is to help women develop self care routines they’ll want to stick to that boost their confidence and health so they can create a bigger impact in their world.”

– Abby O

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